Interview with the Toronto Guardian

We’re on the hunt for Toronto’s funniest residents! This week, we spoke to Cathy Boyd to learn more about her comedic style and new album, Wise Tracks. How would you describe your comedy style? Without a doubt it’s deadpan, dry-wit humour. I’m basically playing myself. Who are some of your influences? I’d say in no particular [...]

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Album Review from Parton & Pearl

Let’s begin by acknowledging that comedy albums typically have a shorter shelf life than fresh basil. Hilarious the first time, highly amusing a second or third time when shared with friends but doomed to succumb to the law of diminishing returns. Even so, this live-to-tape special by American-bred, Toronto-based comedian Cathy Boyd is all kinds [...]

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Interview on CBC

Cathy Boyd is a unique standup comedian, as she came around to standup later in life, though she already sounds like a seasoned pro. Boyd has just released a new album, Wise Tracks, and took our comedy questionnaire. Read on and find out more about this comic, and find her new album streaming now. 1. Where do [...]

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